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AppAddict Reborn

We are back, better than ever! The same app you all love and know, revamped and feature packed.
The Worlds Longest Running Cracked App Store

Cracked Apps No Jailbreak!

AppAddict will work with or without a JailBreak. You can also use AppAddict to JailBreak your device.

Instant Activation

iSignCloud is fully automated, upon purchase you will be able to set up your device immediately

Computer Free

Everything relating to AppAddict is done directly from your device. Setup is simple

App Updates

AppAddict now supports updates, and notifies you of updated versions to your cracked apps

Over 1M+ Registrations Since 2011

It just works!

iSignCloud has completely simplified the whole app resigning process. AppAddict makes getting cracked apps a breeze. Everything is done on your device. Thousands of AppStore and Cydia ++ Apps Available. Now supports FREE in-app purchases on some apps

user interface


Quality & fast

Amazing Features

Why AppAddict?

Heres why...

  • No JailBreak Needed.
  • Thousands of App Store Apps.
  • Cydia & ++Apps Available.
  • Instant Registration.
  • Blazing Fast App Resigns.
  • Access To iOS 16 Beta.
  • No Revokes Guarantee.

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iSignCloud Plans.

Basic Plan
  • iOS 16 Beta Only.
  • 12 Months Registration.
  • 365 Day Support.
per device registration
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Pro Plan
  • AppAddict App.
  • Access Thousands of Apps.
  • iOS 16 Beta Included.
  • 12 Months Registration.
  • 365 Day Support.
per device registration
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Premium Plan
  • Direct App Install
  • Access Exclusive Content
  • App Request Ability.
include up to 4 devices
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No Revokes Guarantee

AppAddict now uses anti revoke technology. However if your certificate is revoked, it will be replaced immediatly, and for free.